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Преподаватель Анна

Преподаватель Анна
Носитель английского языка

I probably should start with the story that I always wanted to be a teacher. Well I kind of did… I have known from the very beginning that sooner or later I will perform in front of other people. Who would have known, that instead of movie viewers, my audience would be English students? And I don’t love it any less! Whatever I do in my life, I do with great passion and involvement. Why are my students supposed to be interested in learning English, if I’m not? I strongly believe that teaching foreign languages is more art than science. Let’s do it in a beautiful, exciting way. Forget about boring, mundane, bringing nothing but frustration and disappointment way of learning you’ve experienced before. I’ve just had a pleasure to join the dynamic and professional Infinitive team. Let us win your trust and heart!

Living in such a multicultural country as the US and having contact with people from the most exotic part of the world, made me understand that speaking English is not a choice anymore. It’s an absolute requirement to function in today’s world and make our dreams come true. Therefore, I’ve obtained the TEFL certificate at the University of Washington in Seattle. Now I have this unique opportunity to help students from all over the world to achieve this goal. As a person, who’s learnt 2 foreign languages (Russian and Italian) I know what you are going through as a learner. I’ve been there before. I know your struggles and how difficult the acquisition of a new language is.

It’s not an accident that I teach English exactly at Infinitive school. First of all, the atmosphere that administrative and teaching staffs create, as much as the values in teaching they promote, gave me this feeling, that it’s a great place for me. Moreover, Russian was the first foreign language that stole my heart. Or maybe that was Dima Bilan whom I saw at the Eurovision contest in 2006? Anyway, since then my biggest dream was to live in Russia. So here I’m in Saint Petersburg teaching English!

What I like the most about teaching is meeting new people. Every student is another fascinating story. I promise you to bring to the classroom my enthusiasm, great sense of humor and tirelessness in searching for new methods and ideas which will make the process of studying more interesting and effective. You only have to show up, be full of motivation and believe in yourself. Be careful though, my passion for learning languages and thirst for knowledge are contagious!
In my spare time I translate Yesenin’s poems. One day I’ll publish my own novels — all about love of course. I’m also a Bollywood dancer, so I wouldn’t scorn to act in an Indian movie.

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