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Преподаватель Anna

Преподаватель Anna
Teacher of English

My name’s Anna. I was born in Moscow in an ordinary family, and was a completely and utterly ordinary girl up until the age of 12, when my mother met someone whom I straight away started to see as a father. He happened to be English and didn’t speak any Russian whatsoever, so that pushed me into learning to communicate in English. They got married and we moved to the UK when I was 15, where I was put into a local school. I found it quite easy to adapt and by then it was completely natural for me to speak both languages at home and bare English at school. I’m not able to recall the exact point when I stopped treating English as a foreign language.

Having done my GCSEs and A-levels in England, I then moved to Wales to start my University course. I lived in Aberystwyth for three years, studying for a degree in International Politics with Spanish. The course included a year abroad, spent in a country of the target language. Thus, I spent a year in Spain, and as by that time I became a British citizen, I taught English in a Spanish school, following a programme by the British Council. And that is when I discovered how much I enjoy teaching. It felt really good to know that I could share my knowledge with other people and do my best to help them out. That is what I liked from my very first day of teaching and that still is what I enjoy the most- doing everything in my power to help others achieve their aim in learning languages. I taught English and Russian in Spain, to both children and adults, and before that I did a bit of teaching Spanish in Britain.

The Infinitive school promotes exactly the values I see as the most important- a really warm and friendly atmosphere that helps you learn, feel comfortable and know that you will get all the help and support you may need in your studies.

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