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Преподаватель Tommi

Преподаватель Tommi
преподаватель английского и финского языка

Hello! My name is Tommi and I am from Finland.

I was born in Jyväskylä, finished school there and got my two degrees in Linguistics and International business. Moreover, I had met an amazing girl from Russia who later became my wife. That was the point when we decided to travel a little bit round the world, experience something new and get to know other cultures and people.

That is how we ended up in Russia, and I can hardly think of any better way to experience the culture rather than sharing your knowledge and learning something new the same time. Of course, at the beginning some students might feel confused about the fact, but they quickly get sucked into the process and join our lively discussions.

You might wonder why a Finn would teach you English. Well, my mother is from Manchester, England and I have a degree in linguistics and quite some experience in teaching English. So, no worries, you are in good hand.

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