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Love story от нашей студентки

14 июля 2015 г.
В статье Нейл Покетт: визиты. Прошедшее и будущее из Великобритании мы рассказывали, откуда начали появляться Lоve stories от наших студентов, и опубликовали некоторые из них. Многие из учащихся у нас так вдохновились этой темой, что прислали нам еще несколько своих рассказов. Мы всегда очень радуемся и гордимся успехами наших студентов, поэтому с радостью демонстируем их достижения на нашем сайте.

Сегодня вашему вниманию представляем прекрасную:

Love story by Екатерина, школа Инфинитив на Просвещения.

Once upon a time in a countryside two families lived together. It was a long time ago when people used to live in countrysides. They loved spending time together. They had such a good relationship between each other that all other families were envying to them. In winter one family got good news: Rose got pregnant. Everyone was really happy for them because they knew how hard Rob and Rose wanted to have a baby.
The other family, Emily and Nick, had a three-year-old boy. He was quite a clever boy comparing to others. As the days went by Rose was getting worse and worse because of the pregnancy. But she extremely wanted to bring the baby to the world. It’s been more than eight months since she got pregnant. Every single day Rose was lying on the bed. Rob was always near, he never wanted to lose his amazing wife. Emily was a doctor and she tried her best to keep Rose alive at least till the childbearing.
The day they were afraid of has come. Rose was too weak to live after the childbirth. She gave everything to her baby. It was a girl. She saw her seconds before the death. It was hard to get the fact that Rose died. But she left a small piece of herself in a little child that Rob was holding in his hands. That day he promised to himself that he was going to love that girl twice harder than he could (for Rose and for Ellie as they decided to call the beautiful girl).
Emily’s son, Mike, saw everything. When he saw Ellie’s eyes he felt something unusual. Her eyes were different from all others he had seen. But no one else noticed that because their minds were full of the thoughts which they couldn’t stick together. As the days passed by they found kind of something confusing in Ellie’s behavior. She didn’t have any reaction when someone was looking at her. She made only some actions when she heard different sound as when Rob was playing with her using different kinds of toys that made sound. He was seriously concerned about that.
Emily and Nick bought a new house quite near to Rob’s. They promised to visit him everyday and help as much as they could. Once when they were sitting all together in the kitchen Rob told all his concerns about Ellie while Mike , their son, was trying to play with the girl. He carefully looked in her eyes again. They even didn’t move. After that he ran into the kitchen with screaming «She’s blind! Emily doesn’t see anything!» That was what Rob was afraid to think about. His first thought was that Ellie would never have a complete family. No one would like to be her husband because she is different from others. He didn’t want to get the fact that his girl would never see the world. He understood that living in that world would be getting worse as she was getting older. He asked Emily to take a look at his daughter. He was hoping to hear that the girl was alright. But Emily did not say anything good.
The family left Rob’s place leaving him alone with his blind daughter. All night he was drinking all supplies of alcohol to forget about that. He remembered his promise but he couldn’t get it. He got drunk every single day. When Emily decided to visit Rob she found him lying on the floor near the child bed holding a knife. He was dead. Emily was shocked. She took Ellie away from the house. And since then she was growing Ellie as her own daughter despite the fact that she was blind. Sixteen years they were living together as a family. Emily and Nick loved Ellie. They tried their best to educate the good girl. But Mike knew that she wasn’t his sister. He was in love with Ellie. They spent every day together. In the mornings they were sitting on a bench. Mike was explaining everything what he saw around trying to make Ellie see the world through his eyes. She was grateful to have such a good faithful friend. But every night she thought about her uselessness. She couldn’t do anything at home. She closed and opened her eyes every time hoping to see something.

One day Mike was absolutely sure to say Ellie all his feelings. He wanted to open his heart. That day he was late for morning bench (as they called it) so Ellie was sitting there alone. Then accidentally she caught a fascinating smell that made her heart beat faster. Their neighbors has come to the village and there was an eighteen-year-old boy named Paul. He was walking past the street when he saw Ellie. He stopped for a while. He decided to come to her to get new friends around. She heard his steps , breathe. He sat next to her. Sparks went instantly between them as they started talking to each other. She told him her story even though she was afraid of his reaction. She tried to capture that moment in her head because it was the first time when she didn’t feel herself blind what even did not happen when she was sitting with Mike. At that moment Mike went out from the forest carrying amazing flowers in his hands. When he saw Ellie talking with a stranger he got kind of bad feeling in his chest. He felt like his heart was ready to get out of his body because of anger. They ware smiling and laughing together like they knew each other for long. Ellie and Paul decided to meet in the evening that day on the same place. And again she was sitting there alone on the bench but she was feeling those butterflies in her stomach. She still felt his smell even though he left her. After a few minutes Mike came to the Ellie already without flowers. He was upset because till that day no one had ever come to Ellie to talk with her.
«Hello» said Mike to Ellie
«Hello» she said and then added «Have you seen that boy who was sitting next to me a few minutes ago?»
«No» he lied. Because he did not want to talk with Ellie about him. She didn’t want to hurt him. She trusted Mike and thought he would be happy to know that she met such a nice guy. She wanted him to describe Paul because she knew how perfectly he can describe the world. But they didn’t talk much that day.
In the evening Ellie met Paul. They were talking for hours. In the end she even dared him to hold her hand what she never wanted Mike to do. She did not want to let him go. She felt herself alive when they were walking through the forest or pass the street or walking round the lake. Day by day they spent more and more time together. She did not know where they were walking. She just wanted to feel his heartbeat and fascinating smell. One day when they were walking near the lake as usual it was pretty late and she got really cold. He felt that her hand was shaking and all her skin was blue. Then she felt something quite warm on her spine. He decided to give her his coat because he did not get cold. She stopped for a while to get what she has on her spine. She turned to him as she could feel his breathe on her skin. It made her hear beat a lot faster. He carefully pit his hands on her neck and started getting closer till he got her lips. Ho one could ever understand what she felt at that moment. She felt like she saw him at that moment. She wrapped her arms around his heck. She wanted that moment to last forever. It was an amazing night for both of them. All those days spent with him she even did not think about Mike. At night when she was lying on her bed she caught herself thinking about how bad her attitude to Mike. He always was near even when everyone turned away from her. She was ashamed of herself.

The next day she asked a servant to help her to write an apologetic letter to Mike. All days long Mike was spending at his friends place and Ellie knew where it was. She was pretty sure that she would be able to get there on her own. When the letter was written she went outside hoping for his understanding. She was afraid that he even wouldn’t want to see her. She made the wrong turn and after a ten minutes she couldn’t orientate around. She got really nervous. She tried to shout but no one could hear her. A huge sick and crazy dog was living somewhere near where Ellie got lost but she did not know that. She was shouting and walking around till she extremely got lost. Then she heard an unusual sound. The dog found her. After a few second she heard as the dog was getting closer and closer and she was stuck she did not know where to run at least because she was blind. The dog got her…

A few hours after Mike and his friends went for a walk in a forest and accidentally they went on the same path where Ellie had been trying to find Mike. They saw someone lying on the ground. When Mike got closer he understood who was that girl. She kept the letter in her hands. Tears came up to his face. He wanted to cry and kill everyone around. She still was breathing so they immediately took her to the hospital which fortunately was quite near. He saw the letter and put it his pocket while his friends didn’t see him. He wasn’t mad at her anymore. She was in a hospital for a few weeks without getting better. She was in coma because of the blood loss. Three days Mike was sitting right next to the Ellie hoping for her to get better. He read her letter thousands of times he even learnt it by heart. Then one day Paul came to her but Mike said that she was sick and couldn’t let him go to see her. But Paul even did not need it. He just asked him to read Ellie his letter to her. After that he went back to his hometown. Far away from the countryside. Mike took the letter and promised to give it to Ellie. After a few days Ellie came to mind. She was happy to feel Mike near again. All her body was hurt. The dog bit her arm and leg. Mike was thinking a lot about Paul’s letter and before reading it to Ellie he decided to read it himself.

«Dear Ellie,
Im not sure if you gonna forgive me but i want you to know the truth. Im going back home to Austria. I know i was acting extremely selfish towards to you. You did not deserve it. You are a beautiful amazing and interesting girl. But you have to understand that nothing could have happened between us. Even that kiss….never mind. I enjoyed spending time with you but…it’s so hard to explain. I just can’t get it.
So i wanted to say goodbye and wish you all the best.
P.s. I know that i don’t deserve your forgiveness and hope for your understanding.
Paul. »

Mike was confused. He wasn’t sure whether Ellie needed to know it or not. The next day she asked Mike about Paul.
«Has he ever come to me? Have you seen him?»
He felt how much it meant to her and he did not want to hurt her more.
«He came several times. He promised to come in a few days» he was lying because he thought it was the best way at that time. He saw a tiny smile on her face. The letter was in his pocket. He did not want to lie. Day by day she got worse. After a few days she died. She was honestly waiting for Paul to come. Every second she was trying to catch all the smells around but she couldn’t feel the one which meant the most to her.

Paul did not come to his village anymore. Mike brought amazing flowers to her grave every day. He did not get married because he couldn’t see anyone around except Ellie…