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Мы победили! Конкурс “We are writers… in English” закончен.

04 декабря 2014 г.
С 8 сентября по 31 октября 2014 года компания «Евролибра» и издательство «Scholastic ELT» провели конкурс “We are writers… in English” среди студентов языковых школ в разных странах мира. «Инфинитив», безусловно, не мог остаться в стороне и предложил своим студентам возможность принять в нем участие.

Конкурсантам предстояло написать произведение объемом в 500 слов на любую из предложенных тем: отзыв о фильме, «Песня, которая изменила мою жизнь», «Моя первая любовь», «Семейная тайна» и приключенческий рассказ.
Главный приз – возможность опубликовать свое произведение в антологии “We are writers… in English” издательства «Scholastic ELT».

Среди «отважившихся писателей»: Елизавета Хмелева, Виктория Хардина, Екатерина Тодорова, Елизавета Дьяченко и Евгений Меднис. Победителем конкурса становится Елизавета Хмелева! От души поздравляем Лизу и благодарим ее за столь трогательный отзыв о фильме «Гордость и предубеждение».

Мы также благодарим Вику Хардину, Катю Тодорову, Лизу Дьяченко и Женю Медниса за участие в конкурсе и награждаем ребят ценными подарками. Ниже смотрите фотографии с церемонии награждения. Все произведения – авторские работы, чтение которых вызывает искренний восторг!

Прочтите, и вы сами в этом убедитесь:

Елизавета Хмелева, отзыв о фильме:
The film that influenced me hugely starts with a lovely tune which makes shivers run down my spine. Then a girl appears. She’s holding a book. While reading the last lines of a story, she smiles. The scene captivates me from the first seconds of watching. The title says “Pride & Prejudice”.
The film is directed by Joe Wright. It was shown on the cinema screens all over the world in 2005. The film’s based on the book written by an incredibly talented Jane Austen. I would name its genre as romantic drama. Such great actors as Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen star in it. Their acting is really impressive and the whole cast is excellent.
Elizabeth, who is the main character, lives with her parents and four of her sisters. Elizabeth is the second eldest girl in the family. She and the eldest one named Jane are in their early twenties and for the 18-th-century England that’s quite the right age to get married.
One day the town of Meryton is turned upside down by the news of quite a rich bachelor Mr Bingley moving to their neighborhood. The ball is held which Mr Bingley and some of his friends attend. He’s immediately welcomed by the locals unlike his close friend Mr Darcy who is considered a conceited, unfriendly and even a rude person. Mr Bingley tries to involve Mr Darcy in the entertainment he himself is taking part in but Mr Darcy is adamant in his belief that the villagers can’t offer him anything valuable.
With time Elizabeth finds out many surprising things about Mr Darcy, and though not all of them are pleasant she tries to understand his actions and thinks about him a lot. She meets Mr Wickham who tells her a story of how Mr Darcy’s father had promised him a curacy but after the man had passed away, the promise was never kept by his son. Elizabeth can’t be more disappointed in Mr Darcy than she is in this episode.
Completely convinced that Mr Darcy has no interest in her, Elizabeth is shocked when he proposes to her. She rejects him and blames him for his attitude. Her words wound his heart as a thousand swords wouldn’t.
The story captured me the first time I saw it years ago and it hasn’t let me go since then.
The Bennets’ life is full of ups and downs. The town’s buzzing with gossip and news. I’m going to keep silent about the main events in the film so I won’t spoil the pleasure of those who are just about to watch it.
The film is touching and heart-warming, it expresses so many sides of people’s souls that it can’t be described with words no matter how accurate they are. This film is definitely worth seeing. It’s a masterpiece indeed!

Екатерина Тодорова, о музыке:
Can you imagine your life without music? As for me it’s impossible. I always listen to music. When I get up, when I have a meal, when I go to school, when I am at school — absolutely everywhere. That’s because sometimes I get this kind of feeling when you don’t want to speak to anyone, when you don’t wanna tell your friends about your problems or anything else as you understand that they won’t be interested in your life. In my opinion, people around me have become more selfish, angry and uninterested in life at all. That’s crazy. I can’t understand this kind of people. It’s at these moments that all you wanna do is listen to your favourite song.
My favourite singer is Eminem and favourite boy band is One Direction. I can’t live without their music. My playlist includes only these two performers. Eminem’s songs make me cry sometimes. I started listening to Eminem a few months ago but I have already fallen in love with his songs. He sings about my feelings and makes my heartbeat faster. This is kind of euphoria when a song can touch your heart. You even don’t feel like sharing this song with anyone. When I have a difficult day or when I am really tired, I turn on my favourite music and then a few minutes later I tend to forget about all troubles.
Recently I saw a new One Direction concert-film in the cinema. I was there with my friend. It was the most incredible day in my life. We’d been waiting for this film for a long time. We even couldn’t believe that we were sitting in the cinema and our dream was gonna come true in a few minutes. I think my heart was ready to jump out of my chest. My heartbeat was countless or maybe it didn’t beat at all. All my body was shaking when I saw them. My eyes were full of tears during my favorite songs. They have some songs which I can’t listen to without crying. I sang all songs along even if I didn’t know the lyrics. I’ve been listening to One Direction for a year and a half. They’re my life. I refuse to die until I see One Direction live. I wanna say a massive thank you to them because they make me smile when I feel like crying. They’re always here with me even if they’re thousands of kilometers away. I’m proud of each of their achievements. They’ve made me believe that I am beautiful no matter what everyone else thinks. Due to them I’m sure everything is possible if we believe in ourselves. They do everything for their fans to make them happy. They’ve said they wouldn’t have reached everything they have reached but for their fans.
For me personally, music is the only thing that is always here with me regardless of what’s happened or what you’ve done. Without music our life wouldn’t be so amazing.

Евгений Меднис, приключенческий рассказ:
The accident on the beach.
It was a hot, sunny day. I was lying on the beach and sunbathing. The sun was so hot that I did not want to do anything, I just wanted to keep lying. There was no wind, I wanted to sleep. But suddenly I heard a loud roar. I opened my eyes. In the sea, not far from me I saw something scary. It was a big, red tiger! His teeth were white like snow and sharp like knives. I wanted to run, but the tiger came out of the water and went towards me. I was looking at him. We were standing so close, that I could smell a wild animal. The tiger put its paw on my shoulder. I started shouting. In a few seconds I found myself lying on the beach, and my dog was standing on me licking my face. As it turned out, I had sunstroke.

Виктория Хардина, отзыв о фильме:
I’d like to write about one of the greatest, weirdest and simply unusual films in the cinematography. It was directed in 1972 by one of the best modern directors in the world. It has a wonderful soundtrack which was created by Ludwig Van Beethoven many years ago. This film is “A Clockwork Orange” by the incredible Stanley Kubrick.
I really admire this person because he did so much for the cinematography and also was a talented photographer. I’ve watched many films by him and I’ve been impressed by his innovative decisions in some scenes. Actually I can definitely say that he is my favourite film director.

So let’s talk about the film. The first time when I watched it was perhaps two years ago and that was when I got it why people call it so “interesting”. This film is about a lad who is in the street gang which beats for beating. They enjoy it and don’t even think about stopping their activity. Then their leader Alex realizes that his team has come against him, but he doesn’t know that they are capable of betrayal… He goes to jail and “here comes the sun”. But I’m not going to tell you any other details – I think everybody should see this film by themselves. It is about violence in old and contemporary society, people and their minds; it is about psychology and our thoughts. Everyone can see something of their own in this film; maybe find something out about themselves as people. Actually this film has a lot of different senses and nowadays it fits our reality more than ever.

A couple of words about the cast. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of them except Malcolm McDowell, but I really adore him. I’ve watched a lot of films starring him and all of them were excellent including, of course, “Clockwork Orange”. I can also recommend you to watch a trilogy by Lindsay Andersen which consists of “If…”, “O, Lucky Man!” and the last one is “Britannia Hospital”. He is a magnificent actor and I believe everyone must watch at least one of films with him. That is only for your development.

Елизавета Дьяченко, отзыв о фильме:
I must say I really like watching films and serials. I think it’s my hobby. That’s why I want to tell you about one of my favorites. It’s a film called «The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones».
This film tells a story about a young girl called Clary Fray. On her birthday she and her friend Simon went to a club called «Hellish Lair». There she became the witness of a murder and after that the real fun begins. She starts seeing people who no one else sees, creatures from another world attack her, and finally, she finds herself in a place where she is supposed to be — at the Institute, the abode of Shadowhunters. They will help her to understand the past. She will learn who her real father is, she will fall in love and will be loved, and at the end she will discover a secret that she doesn’t want to know.
This film impressed me greatly! The acting was very good and there was my favorite actress Lily Collins. Also the film stars Jamie Bauer and Robert Shien. The film is based on Cassandra Clare’s book and it’s directed by Harold Zwart.
Despite the fact, that the film lasts more than 2 hours I watched it in one breath, because its plot is very thrilling. And on the following day I couldn’t resist and watched it again.
I think I like it so much because it’s my favorite genre — fantasy. I can watch films about strange creatures and nonexistent worlds endlessly and I will never get tired. For me it’s just a way to escape from real life, because sometimes it is boring indeed. Every day we go to the same place where we work or study, we meet the same people, we do the same things, and I’m just fed up with this. So the only solution for me is watching a fantasy film. That’s why «The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones» is one of my favorite films. I hope you understand me and then I advise you to watch this film. It’s well-worth seeing

So I think that would be the End, but I have a final word to say: If you’re going to watch the film that I was talking about – read a book. It has a different ending, a different indeed. Read, watch, think. Or watch, read, think – that’s how it works. Good luck.

Thank you, great job!