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Преподаватель Isaac

Преподаватель Isaac
Носитель английского языка

My name is Isaac, I am very tall, and I love teaching English.

I come from New York state in America, and I attended Azusa Pacific University in California. I earned a degree in English in May 2013. I majored in writing, and also studied literature and linguistics, but not education, because I did not expect to be a teacher. Now that I am, it feels exactly right for me. I love teaching English here, and am blessed to have the chance to do it.
My students are sometimes confused by a native speaker teacher who talks quickly, makes jokes, and won’t stay still at the front of the room, follow the book straight through, explain in Russian, or stop smiling. After one or two lessons, they learn that in my class, they can give their own opinion, make clever answers, or ask any question they want. Then, they start to be happy in the class using English, and they learn a lot more than they think they do.

Many people told me before that I could make a good teacher, but I did not plan on being one until this year. Now, when I take on my many lessons each week, I start to understand how well I am suited to the job, and how much I love doing it. My work is a joy, my students of all ages are blessings, and I am very happy to be doing this right now in Russia.

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