Курсы Английского языка в Санкт-Петербурге
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Преподаватель Michael

Преподаватель Michael
Native English Teacher

I’m a big advocate of learning a second language because it’s a very healthy endeavor. After all, it opens up doors to new cultures and interesting people. Studying language is easier than other subjects because often you get immediate rewards for your efforts. For example, with language skills you can, at least partially, understand and be understood. This power  to communicate gives us a secret key to go where other can’t.  All this adds to our well-being.  Language study is good for you!
For this reason, I have chosen to be a teacher.

Before coming to Russia, I had also been a professional teacher working in a public school in my home city of Chicago, Illinois. Now, in Russia  I’ve been teaching English for about six years. I have met a lot of interesting people and consider teaching to be a privilege. There is never a dull moment. Even though have had considerable experience as a teacher in my homeland, I have enjoyed working with teachers here in Russia who, in general, have shown themselves to be very professional and true to their work. So my time in Russia has really been a big teacher-development experience for me thanks to the good examples I’ve been shown.

I just want to put all that above mentioned experience and teacher-development to work so as to produce a rich and pleasant learning environment for all involved in my lessons. I’m happy to be of service to the Infinitive school, parents and pupils. I’m excited about working in school where the staff are serious about what they do.

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