Курсы Английского языка в Санкт-Петербурге
Курсы Английского языка в Санкт-Петербурге
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Нейлу Покетту, с благодарностью. Анализ работы в 2015 учебном году

28 мая 2015 г.
Учебный год 2015 завершился. Для всех студентов центров Инфинитив: от самых маленьких трехлетних малышей до самых взрослых студентов, он был насыщенным, бурным, полным новых знаний, умений, интересных занятий и событий. Во всех филиалах школы жизнь кипела с сентября по май! В этом водовороте английского языка в наших центрах немаловажную роль сыграл наш британский коллега, носитель английского языка и добрый друг Мистер Нейл Покетт.

Во время своих визитов в Санкт-Петербург Нейл проводил увлекательные занятия со студентами, как целиком, так и в качестве гостя; радовал своим идеальным английским и давал ценные профессиональные рекомендации нашим преподавателям и методистам. Руководители филиалов получили множество восторженных отзывов от студентов о визитах Мистера Покетта, от преподавателей о его ценных советах и комментариях, которые помогли им в работе со своими студентами. И, анализируя результаты работы за прошедший год, формат посещений Нейлом студентов, наши руководители — Татьяна, Юлия и Анастасия — написали Нейлу письма с благодарностью за его весомый вклад, как преподавателю, в процесс обучения, и, как носителю другой культуры, в расширение мировозрения студентов и всего коллектива наших школ.

Итак, «Thank you letter» от Руководителя филиала «Инфинитив на Веденеева», Юлии Шлык:

Dear Mr Pockett!
We all know that it’s been a challenging year for all Infinitive staff at Vedeneeva- so many things have changed over just a few months which we had to get used to and learn to manage. But I do believe that any change is a definite sign of development and, hopefully, improvement.
I’d say that one of the most significant things that happened this year was a chance given to our students (and teachers, of course) to see you not only as a guest as we did before but also as a teacher. Previously, our students used to be looking forward to your visits – this was an opportunity to evaluate how much they had achieved, to see what their difficulties were and simply to enjoy a friendly talk to you. This year you have amazed us having become a teacher as well – you don’t have to be a teacher yourself to understand what a challenge it must have been for you. And it has worked fabulously – we all appreciate and tremendously enjoy what you’ve been doing.

We all are aware of the importance of speaking practice with native speakers and effective, carefully planned classes, which you always provide us with. I would specially like to thank you for having done much more then that — for teaching Infinitive students not only English, but for teaching them to think, to discuss, justify their opinion on many issues they had never thought of before. You got them read pieces of classical English literature, discuss moral aspects of having a pet at home, create a story on their own — these are just a few examples of how educational and no doubt enjoyable your classes have been. Being a teacher myself, I’d like also to thank you for the most valuable feedbacks you’ve been giving. I’m happy to see that they are interesting and helpful not only for teachers — our students can’t wait to read them too! Now when it is the end of the academic year all of us –students, teachers, admin staff want to thank you for all the things you’ve done and wish you an enjoyable summer, but we do hope to continue our cooperation and, if you let me say this, — friendship.
Thank you so much,
With warmest regards,

Yulia Shlyk

«Thank you letter» от Руководителя филиала «Инфинитив на Шуваловском», Анастасии Мате-Коле:

Dear Mr. Pockett,
I would like to express my greatest appreciation, delight and gratitude for the new format of your visits to “Infinitive” school which we managed to successfully implement this year. I believe you’ve set a very high bar for your lessons level this year. We spoke about how great I believe the materials you prepared for the chosen topics were and I can feel and see the positive response from our students about the classes you taught. I’ve been also very impressed by the way you dealt with the most challenging groups of various levels.
Every time you get a chance to know a new group at our school, I’m interested in your opinion about their motivation and achieved progress at some point. That’s why your feedback is so important to us and I know how much students enjoy receiving letters from you.

As this experience has been new to all of us this year, I didn’t insist on teacher’s attendance during your classes. However, it would be very helpful and interesting if you could let more teachers on your classes for them to experience some new activities and creative ideas and for them to implement them while teaching. I’d like to add that some of the materials you taught were rather innovative to us that made it very educational for the methodologists and teachers of our school as well as for students.
I’d like to say a special thank you for your attention to our Happy Start program. It was a great success this year and your visits made kids realize the practical side of what they are studying. You definitely put an additional interest and motivation for our students into this program.
Overall, I want to say that this new format brought a fresh outlook to the educational process in our school. And we all look forward to meeting you next year with more creative ideas and bright lessons.

«Thank you letter» от Руководителя филиала «Инфинитив на Просвещения», Татьяны Михайловой

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Также, Вашему вниманию несколько фото нашего британского коллеги, сделанных в процессе общения с нашими замечательными студентами. Любуемся вместе!